2016 : Thermodynamic study on a combined cycle power plant of 500 MW under various loads using Cycle-Tempo

Dr.Ir. Budi Utomo Kukuh Widodo M.E.



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Plant heat rate is affected by the gas turbine and steam turbine generated power. The plant heat rate is altered under various loads. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a further study regarding the influence of the gas and steam turbine load alterations upon the heat rate of the plant. This study is carried on by a commercial software Cycle-Tempo. The object is to simulate a combined cycle power plant of 500 MW. The power plant operates under the scheme of 3-3-1 (3 gas turbines, 3 HRSGs and 1 steam turbine) in daily operations. In some lower loads, it may operate under the scheme of 2-2-1 or 1-1-1. Specification of the apparatuses and data used in the study are those from the existing heat balance. The simulation is performed with four variations of load (50%, 75%, 100% and 110%) applied upon both gas and steam turbines, in accordance with the total power to meet the customer needs and heat balance …