2018 : The change of value of soaked-CBR in embankment of subgrade due to water logging and repeated vehicles load

Prof.Ir. Noor Endah M.Sc Ph.D
Prof.Ir. Indrasurya Budisatria Mochtar M.Sc,Ph.D.


The value of soaked-CBR in subgrade soil is very important in the highway pavement thickness design [1]. If the soaked-CBR value of the subgrade does not meet the requirements, it is necessary to improve the soil by blasting with a better material. This is done to prevent damage to the road. Damage to the pavement surface may also cause damage to the subgrade. Alternatively, the damage to the pavement surface begins with damage on the subgrade. If the subgrade decreases in its power-caused by repetitive vehicle loads, otherwise known as repetition vehicle load, then it can collapse the foundation layer, in which-then continues on the surface damage. Based on the phenomenon, this research is conducted to know the change of soaked-CBR value on subgrade soil due to water logging and repetition of vehicle load passing. The result shows that the soaked-CBR value will increase along with the number …