2019 : Helical baffle design optimization on heat exchanger using genetic algorithm method at central gathering station 5 Chevron Pacific Indonesia Ltd.

Hendra Cordova ST.,MT.
Totok Ruki Biyanto S.T., M.T., Ph.D.
Gunawan Nugroho ST, MT., Ph.D


Heat Exchanger Unit at Central Gathering Station 5 (CGS 5) Chevron Pacific Indonesia Ltd. is an industry component to exchange heat of production fluid into CGS. CGS facility consists of Oil Treatment Plant (OTP) and Water Treatment Plant (WTP). Production Fluid (gas-oil-water-sand mixture) from field and test station entering OTP facility first is separated in HEX to control the temperature up to 180 - 200°F. Chemical requirement on oil and water is at temperature 120 - 150°F. Therefore, the heat exchanger in CGS 5 has been installed as much as 20 heat exchangers (HEX). The performance of this instrument is very important because if its performance decreases, it can increase the production cost due to increasing steam flowed into the heat exchanger. The performance of the heat exchanger can be determined from several parameters, i.e. the overall heat transfer coefficient (U), the extent of area (A), and …