2019 : A review of linear Fresnel reflector technology for heating sulphur liquid in nickel processing industry

Dr. Ridho Hantoro S.T., M.T.


Many applications of thermal energy, both in industrial and power sectors require medium temperatures ranging from 100 °C to 250 °C. These applications include industrial process heat, refrigeration, air-conditioning and power generation using organic fluids. Concentrating solar collectors such as parabolic-trough collectors can achieve this temperature level, however this technology has a limited outlook for improvement. On the other hand, the Linear Fresnel Reflector (LFR) technology has a significant potential for development and the main advantage of LFR systems is that their simple design of flexibly bent mirrors and fixed receivers requires lower investment costs and facilitates direct steam generation (DSG) that can be used efficiently in the industrial sector. In general, LFR technology is used to heat water and oil, but in this research to learn utilization LFR technology to heat and maintain sulphur liquid in …