2017 : Risk Allocation for Low-Cost Apartment Program Implementation in the Surabaya Metropolitan Area

Dr.Ir. Ria Asih Aryani Soemitro M.Eng.


Low-cost apartment development programs are one of reliable solutions for meeting housing needs in the East Java Province due to land scarcity and high price of land. Given that the private sector believes that there are many risks facing the implementation of Public Private Partnership (PPP), especially for financial matters, there is a lack of private sector involvement in these projects. The objective of the present paper is to identify risk factors, risk allocation and risk responses for public private partnership for developing low-cost apartments under the partnership agreement, from the perspective of stakeholder perception. Risk variables for better understanding of low-cost apartment implementation have been validated by respondents from both the government and private sectors. Risk allocation and risk response were validated by respondents through semi-structured interviews. The results show that the …