2018 : Compression Behaviour of Fibrous Peat Stabilized with Admixtures of Lime CaCO3+ Rice Hush Ash and Lime CaCO3+ Fly Ash

Prof.Ir. Noor Endah M.Sc Ph.D


Compression behavior of stabilized fibrous peat has similar behavior with the initial one. Therefore, one step loading consolidation test is still applicable for the stabilized fibrous peat to predict its compression. The stabilized fibrous peat behavior, however, still depends on type of the admixture used and stabilization age or curing period. Based on that reason, this study was carried out in order to study the change of compression behavior of the stabilized peat and to know whether the correction curves developed for laboratory compression parameters are still applicable to predict the settlement of the stabilized peat in the field. For this purpose, two types of stabilize material adopted, admixtures lime CaCO3+ Rice Hush Ash (admix-1) and lime CaCO3+ Fly Ash (admix-2). The stabilized peats were cured and tested at different curing periods 20, 30, 45, 60 and 90 days in order to check their behavior changes …