2018 : Application SLAM and Path Planning using A-Star Algorithm for Mobile Robot in Indoor Disaster Area

Prof.Dr.Ir. Mohammad Nuh DEA


Mapping on the mobile robot is a mobile robot’s ability to map the position of the mobile robot when the mobile robot moves in a room. The result of mapping on the mobile robot is a two-dimensional map that describes the mobile robot movement on the route that has been passed. This two-dimensional map is generated by using the SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) method. The two-dimensional map can be used to determine the shape of the room To determine the shortest path on the map, the A-Star method is used. We develop a mobile robot that equipped by ultrasonic sensors to determine the shape of the field, then using a rotary encoder to determine the position of the robot in cartesian coordinates. An INS sensor is utilized to determine the direction of the mobile robot, which we then experimentally implement the method.