2019 : Kinetics of aluminium removal by locally isolated Brochothrix thermosphacta and Vibrio alginolyticus

Ipung Fitri Purwanti S.T., M.T., PhD.
Harmin Sulistiyaning Titah ST.,MT.,Ph.D.


The emergence of the aluminium recycling industry has led to an increase in aluminium-containing wastewater discharge to the environment. Biological treatment of metal is one of the solutions that can be provided as green technology. Screening tests showed that Brochothrix thermosphacta and Vibrio alginolyticus have the potential to remove aluminium from wastewater. Brochothrix thermosphacta removed up to 49.60%, while Vibrio alginolyticus was capable of removing up to 59.72% of 100 mg/L aluminium in acidic conditions. The removal of aluminium by V. alginolyticus was well fitted with pseudo-first-order kinetics (k1 = 0.01796/min), while B. thermosphacta showed pseudo-second-order kinetics (k2 = 0.125612 mg substrate/g adsorbent. hr) in the process of aluminium removal. V. alginolyticus had a higher rate constant under acidic conditions, while B. thermosphacta had a higher rate constant under …