2017 : Security constrained dynamic optimal power flow with multiple energy storage

Prof. Dr. Ontoseno Penangsang Ir. M.Sc.
Ir. Sri Pingit Wulandari M.Si.
Ir. Ni Ketut Aryani MT.
Dr. Eng. Rony Seto Wibowo ST., MT.
Dimas Anton Asfani S.T., M.T.,Ph.D


Contingency may occur at specific time during the operation time. This paper proposes an approach for dynamic optimal power flow considering contingency states. In general, contingency can affect the operation cost. The more severe contingency can lead to the higher operation cost. When contingency occurs, generator must perform a re-dispatch to ensure all constraints satisfied. The constraints include transmission limit, ramp rate and generator limit. Re-dispatch tends to result in high generation cost. Therefore, energy storages are required to reduce the re-dispatch cost. In this paper, Quadratic Programing is applied to solve the problem formulated as security constrained dynamic optimal power flow with multiple energy storage. Modified IEEE 30 bus system is used as a test system to show the ability of the proposed approach.