2017 : Konsep Pemodelan Durasi dan Volume Parkir untuk Berbagai Tata Guna Lahan di Kota Surabaya

Prof.Ir. Indrasurya Budisatria Mochtar M.Sc,Ph.D.


Both parking fee and parking tax are the potential income for most local authorities in Indonesia since they are considered as the parts of of local authority’s revenue (Pendapatan Asli Daerah, PAD). However, currently many local authorities including that in Surabaya has a problem in determining target as well as the achievement of annual parking revenue. This situation takes place due to the lack of reliable method to estimate the parking revenue including both parking fee and parking tax either on-street parking nor off-street parking. Meanwhile, there are growing investments of public and private facilities in many capital cities of both regency and provincy including apartments, hotels, malls, campus, hospitals, convention buildings, terminals, offices, restaurants and mixed uses in which many parking spaces will be provided to support their activities later on. The providing of new parking spaces will therefore potentially contribute to the local authorities’s revenue as the consequnces. Main variable to contribute the parking revenue are the number of parked vehicle as well as the parking duration (when progressive fee is applied). Both number of parked vehicle and parking durations for several landuses will be modelled in this Dissertation so that they can be used as references for estimating the anual parking revenue of local authotities as the part of local authorities revenue (PAD). Moreover, these models will be useful for parking facilities investors to analyse the their financial investment.