2018 : Confinement Behavior of Spun Pile using Low Amount of Spiral Reinforcement–an Experimental Study

Prof.Ir. Priyo Suprobo M.Sc Ph.D


In this paper, further analysis from the result of spun pile test under reverse flexural load and combined with two levels constant axial load, 40 tons (0.08 fc’Ag) and 80 tons (0.16 fc’Ag), is presented. The analysis is related to the confinement behavior of the concrete section of pile using the low amount of spiral reinforcement. It is shown that the strain readings from the spiral reinforcement indicate a subtle contribution in terms of confinement mechanism of the hollow section of a pile. In addition, it is evident that spiral reinforcement seems to be compressed when the concrete section resists compression strain due to flexural load. The crushing of concrete at ultimate condition could also not be resisted by spiral reinforcement by any means.