2018 : Evaluation of sustainable walk-up flats in terms of urban housing renewal in coastal area

Ir. Rika Kisnarini
Dewi Septanti S.Pd, ST, MT, Ph.D
Wahyu Setyawan S.T., M.T.
Adinda Sih Pinasti Retno Utami S.T., M.T.


Urban housing renewal aims to get added value while maintaining the sustainability of its environmental function and quality [4]. This research discusses the urban renewal which is done by rebuilding the affected area with walk-up flats. There are four aspects to be considered in achieving sustainability, namely: environmental, social, economic, and cultural [14]. This study is focused on cultural aspect. Sustainable walk-up flats, viewed from the micro context perspective, can later be used as one of the terms of reference in assessing the success of urban renewal projects in Indonesia. Especially in coastal areas, it becomes more challenging because coastal communities have different characteristics and the existing urban renewal flats are not necessarily appropriate for the coastal community. The methods used in this study are explorative, descriptive, ex-post, cross-sectional and synchronic evaluation. This …