2017 : The effect of magnetohydrodynamic nano fluid flow through porous cylinder

Dra. Farida Agustini Widjajati M.S.
Dra. Nur Asiyah M.Si.
Drs. Kamiran
Prof. Dr. Basuki Widodo M.Sc.
Didik Khusnul Arif S.Si, M.Si


This paper concerns about the analysis of the effect of magnetohydrodynamic nano fluid flow through horizontal porous cylinder on steady and incompressible condition. Fluid flow is assumed opposite gravity and induced by magnet field. Porous cylinder is assumed had the same depth of porous and was not absorptive. The First thing to do in this research is to build the model of fluid flow to obtain dimentional governing equations. The dimentional governing equations are consist of continuity equation, momentum equation, and energy equation. Furthermore, the dimensional governing equations are converted to non-dimensional governing equation by using non-dimensional parameters and variables. Then, the non-dimensional governing equations are transformed into similarity equations using stream function and solved using Keller-Box method. The result of numerical solution further is obtained by taking …