2019 : Application of Low-cost Digital Image Correlation System for Automated Crack Detection in Reinforced Concrete and Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC) Beams

Prof.Ir. Priyo Suprobo M.Sc Ph.D
Dr. Asdam Tambusay ST

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The emphasis of this research is to propose the use of a low-cost digital image correlation (DIC) system as a potential technique to monitor the initiation and propagation of cracks within reinforced concrete structural members. The proposed system takes advantage from a freeware digital image software and makes use of an ordinary digital camera which is controlled using a smartphone via a wireless connection. To demonstrate the capability of the system, various reinforced concrete and ECC members will be tested in the laboratory. From the surface of these test specimens, images will be captured and then will be processed using the software, in order to construct a full strain field. It is excepted this proposed system will give promising results which hence can be used as an alternative for a structural health monitoring system in bridges. Keywords: digital image correlation, low-cost, reinforced concrete, engineered cementitious composite, full strain field, structural health monitoring system