2012 : First Research Benefit Mud from Sidoarjo for Material Construction With Addition Field Soil, Portland Cement and Calcium

Ir. Boedi Wibowo CES


In May 2006, The Overflowing mud mixturing with natural gas from PT. Lapindo Brantas dig-holes has causing a commotion. The continuous mud-overflowing has generated many ideas to use it as a building materials alternative, such as those which have been applied to mud-waste of PDAM. Some of the research which has been done before, to use the sidoarjo-mud for brick-material or paving. But how the real characteristic of the mud if it used as a building material?, the answer of that question will be the main idea of this research. As an early study, The composition which used in this research are Lusi (thats how Sidoarjo-Mud has been called) mixturing with Soil Farm and Cement, and Calcify has been used for reducing the use of cement. The composition will be use as a material to makes a mortar as a test-material products. The composition which used in this research is 40%, 50%, 55% and 60% of Lusi with …