2017 : Community activities in residential solid waste reduction in Tenggilis Mejoyo District, Surabaya City, Indonesia

Prof. Dr. Yulinah Trihadiningrum M.App.Sc
Ir. Atiek Moesriati M.Kes.
Dr. Sony Sunaryo M.Si.


The main source of municipal solid waste in Indonesia is residential area. The Indonesian Government Regulation No. 81/2012 concerning Residential Solid Waste (RSW) Management and Similar Types of Solid Waste stipulates that every generator is obliged to perform separation and treatment. This study was aimed to determine RSW generation rate, reduction potential, and reduction activities by the community in Tenggilis Mejoyo District, Surabaya City. The RSW generation rate and composition were measured according to ASTM D5231-92 method. RSW reduction potential was determined based on weight percentage of recyclable RSW components. This study involved 100 householders, who were selected using stratified random approach based on the economical strata. This study resulted in RSW generation rate of 0.29 kg/person day, or a total of 16.84 tons/day. The RSW composition was …