2017 : Pattern analysis of community health center location in Surabaya using spatial Poisson point process

Dra. Wiwiek Setya Winahju M.S.
Prof., Drs. Nur Iriawan MIKom.,Ph.D.


Community health center (puskesmas) is one of the closest health service facilities for the community, which provide healthcare for population on sub-district level as one of the government-mandated community health clinics located across Indonesia. The increasing number of this puskesmas does not directly comply the fulfillment of basic health services needed in such region. Ideally, a puskesmas has to cover up to maximum 30,000 people. The number of puskesmas in Surabaya indicates an unbalance spread in all of the area. This research aims to analyze the spread of puskesmas in Surabaya using spatial Poisson point process model in order to get the effective location of Surabaya’s puskesmas which based on their location. The results of the analysis showed that the distribution pattern of puskesmas in Surabaya is non-homogeneous Poisson process and is approched by mixture Poisson model. Based on …