2021 : Layout Optimization Model For Multipurpose Terminals: Case Study Of Inggom Terminal Tanjung Priok Port

Achmad Mustakim S.T., M.T., MBA



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The problem of a terminal layout is one of the problems in terminal operational planning, where the selection of the most optimum layout can reduce the time and cost of handling cargo. This problem occurs in Inggom's Multipurpose Terminal, Tanjung Priok Port. This terminal is a multipurpose terminal with several types of cargo handled such as heavy equipment, sand, general goods, vehicles, and containers. In order to solve the problems that occur, it is proposed in the terminal layout planning to use a mathematical model to reduce distance, time, and operational costs in handling cargo in the terminal, by participating in analyzing and considering the factors in handling cargo that exist today. The results of the optimization of the nine models show that in 2037, the most minimum load handling costs were obtained at Rp 840,048,400 by having a total stacking area of 33,339 m2, a distance of 14,796 m, and travel time 1,869 minutes indicating that there was a decrease in handling costs the charge of 8% of the current cargo handling cost is Rp. 917,702,211 by having a total stacking area of 71,734 m2, a distance of 19,957 m, and travel time of 2,520 minutes for one year.