2015 : Study of 3D Flow Characteristics Through Endwall Junction Body Airfoil British 9C7/22.5 C50 with the Addition of Forward Facing Step Turbulator (FFST)

Prof. Dr. Ing. Ir. Herman Sasongko


3D flow separation is one form of loss of endwall-body junction. Therefore it is necessary to attempt to reduce these losses. One way to do that is by adding Forward Facing Step Turbulator (FFST). This research aims to study the characteristics of 3D flow separation across the endwall junction body airfoil British 9C7/42.5 C50 with and without the addition of FFST. Geometry airfoil has a chord-length 120 mm, the distance between the airfoil to FFST is 2/3 C, and step height (h) 4.8 mm. Analysis of shear stress line obtained through experiments using the technique of Oil Flow Vizualization (OFV) in the wind-tunnel. Free stream velocity in this study, used Reynolds number 1.64 x105. The results of the study confirmed by velocity-vector and path line analysis, axial total pressure loss coefficient on the exit, which is generated by 3D numerical simulations with the viscous model of k-ε standard. Variation of the angle of …