2016 : evaluation and comparison of carbon dioxide capture using MEA and DEA

Prof.Ir. Renanto M.Sc Ph.D


Global warming, a phenomenon that is indicated by increasing of earth’s surface temperature, is being discussed recently. Increasing greenhouse gasses concentration in the atmosphere is suspected as a cause of global warming. Several solutions have been proposed, with post-combustion technology using absorption method becomes the most common and used technology. This research aims to evaluate the effect of changing the number of tray in stripper column in carbon dioxide absorption process using MEA solvent and compared with DEA solvent as an alternative solvent. From the research, it is shown that number of tray in stripper column has an effect to energy requirement for reboiler, recovery of carbon dioxide, and amount of fresh solvent needed. The greater number of tray in stripper column gives a smaller amount of utility required in reboiler and make-up solvent needed, although carbon dioxide recovery is decreasing. Changing solvent from MEA to DEA gives a better result in terms of utility required for reboiler and make-up solvent needed, carbon dioxide recovery for DEA solvent gives a slightly worse result than MEA solvent.