2011 : Living on the Floating Houses for Sustainable Livelihoods at Lake Tempe, South Sulawesi

Prof.Ir. Happy Ratna Sumartinah M.Sc, Ph.D
Ir. Ispurwono Soemarno M.Arch., PhD.


Living both inland and in floating houses are two aspects or life for the ethnic Buginese who dwell on the coast of Lake Tempe in South Sulawesi. Their primary occupations include fishing and farming, which resulted in the community’s decision to build their traditional houses in the form of stilted houses inland and floating houses over water. The unique characteristics of Lake Tempe which has both flood tide and ebb tide every year, enable them to live in floating houses and work as fishermen during the flood tide and live inland, working as farmers during the ebb tide. The aim of this study was to determine how the ethnic Buginese use both their stilted houses and the floating houses as a means of adaptation in order to sustain their livelihoods. The study employed qualitative methods through the Ethno-Architecture approach, which was then analyzed using the Spradley Model. The study found that the upper …