2016 : Design and development of voting data security for electronic voting (E-Voting)

Prof.Ir. Supeno Djanali M.Sc Ph.D
Hudan Studiawan S.Kom., M.Kom.
Baskoro Adi Pratomo S.Kom, M.Kom


Several countries has moved to e-voting because of many reasons. By using e-voting, we have to pay more attention to protect voter's choice confidentiality and secure voting data. This paper proposed a combination of SHA256, digital signature, and RSA asymmetric encryption applied to database as a storage system and protocol to secure our message exchange. The proposed method was implemented as a web service and a simple client application placed in voting place is created as well. The whole system was designed to be as close as the usual parliament voting of a city in Indonesia. Therefore there are several level that need to be considered, i.e. voting place, districts, city, state, country. But we only implemented until the districts level, since the process for the next levels is just the same. Voting places, as the most bottom level, use the client application to count the voting data, then after some checking …