2012 : Development of heterogeneous alumina supported base catalyst for biodiesel production

Prof. Dr. Ir. Achmad Roesyadi M.Sc


Double promoted γ-alumina heterogeneous base catalyst (CaO/KI/γ-alumina) was firstly developed for the production of biodiesel from palm oil in refluxed methanol. This study have been conducted in order to improve the activity of single promoted catalyst (CaO/γ-alumina) and to enhance the efficiency of biodiesel production that have been done in the previous work. The CaO/KI/γ-alumina catalyst was prepared by precipitation and impregnation methods. Engineering catalyst done with some parameters that effect on the activity of a catalyst among other:% CaO loading (wt.% against alumina), temperature and time of calcinations. The catalyst was characterized by mean of XRD, and BET methods. The activity of catalyst has been tested by introduced to the transesterification reaction of palm oil. The reaction was carried out in the batch type of reactor (three-neck glass flask with 500 ml capacity) equipped with reflux condenser, thermometer and magnetic stirrer. The result showed that the optimum condition of preparation catalyst (% of CaO loading, temperature and time of calcinations) were 30%, 650 C and 4.5 h, respectively. Under the optimum condition of catalyst, reaction temperature 65 C, reaction time 5 h and oil to methanol molar ratio of 1: 42 the biodiesel yield was almost 95%. Therefore, it can be proved that the activity of double promoted catalyst (CaO/KI/γ-alumina) much higher than that the single promoted (CaO/γ-alumina) catalyst.