2021 : Criteria for Designing Left-over Open Space on City Entrance Of Surabaya

Kirami Bararatin ST, MT



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Policies and approach strategies about sustainable development are becoming crucial. Therefore every development should be based on promoting not only the economical interest but also ecological aspect and strong consideration of aesthetic. This includes how to integrate infrastructure development with the city's spatial planning and design. The unintegrated concept leads to negative effects on urban landscape development and planning, for example, the presence of left-over space beneath the flyover. Bundaran Waru, the main gateway of Surabaya city has lost space due to the infrastructure development. Consequently, this space becomes a negative image for Surabaya city, even though according to the Spatial Plan 2010 of East Java Province, it earmarks as an open green space of Surabaya. This study aims to find the idea for utilizing the Bundaran Waru to make a positive contribution to the city, especially suitable city spatial plan. This research begins with reviewing the literature to find the suitable typology for utilizing an open space-based urban phenomenon. The second phase conducts direct observation to obtain the physical data of the object for its potentials and problems. Furthermore, the obtained data were analyzed by a descriptive qualitative method in order to formulate design criteria of the defined objects based on existing environment characteristics. The result indicates that the object has strong potential as a passive green open space in which the image of the Surabaya city can be accommodated.