2016 : Tinjauan Triangle Of Meaning Pada Kumpulan Lirik Lagu Koil Band Dalam Album Blacklight (Kajian Semiotika)(Skripsi Sastra Indonesia S1, 2016)

Ir. Muhammad Faqih MS


Triangle Of Meaning is also knows semiotic theory by C. S Peirce, The Triangle describes a simplified form representament, object, interpretant. sign triangle of meaning able to express meanings is social phenomena that occured like a song that is the result of someone's imagination and creativity in expressing ideas and feelings that come from everyday life. At it's creation lyrics are not much different from a poem that further highlight the impression of beauty. In the song, tend to use figurative language than the actual language. This paper is a study on the lyrics of the song by using semiotics, Study of the triangle meaning theory. As part of the triangle of meaning among other things representament, a marker of primary and secondary marker. The purpose of the study to describe the use of signs and meanings marker of primary and secondary markers that exist in the lyrics of the song. The object of study in this …