2011 : Engine Torque Control of Spark Ignition EngineUsing Robust Fuzzy Logic Control

Prof. Ir. I Nyoman Sutantra M.Sc., Ph.D


Due to government regulations and policies aimed at improving fuel economy and reducing emissions, it is increasingly important to achieve control over transient behavior and meet performance objectives over the life of the vehicle. This requires the development of high performance and robust power train controllers. The performance objectives are often conflicting, or at best interrelated. Controlling engine torque is one way to potentially meet these performance requirements. Spark ignition engine is a combustion engine that operates with a very wide operating point. Each point of engine operation provides different properties to each other, so that the control treatment to be given varies a great deal. This problem led to a single controller design becomes very difficult to be realized. In this research, a new design method of fuzzy robust control proposed to provide an alternative solution to build an integrated-control that can anticipate a system that works on a wide operating point and have different characters for each operating point. From the simulation results, it can be concluded that the design of robust fuzzy controller can be used simultaneously for several operating point without having to redesign the controller.