2016 : The Effects of Pulse on Time and Arc on Time on Surface Quality in Wire-EDM of ASSAB XW-42 and ASSAB 8407 2M Tool Steels

Ir. Bobby Oedy Pramoedyo S. MSc., Ph.D.


Article PreviewArticle PreviewArticle PreviewIn this study, the effects of cutting parameter on surface quality was investigated experimentally in wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM) process of ASSAB XW-42 and ASSAB 8407 2M tool steels. The surface quality of WEDMachined (WEDMed) was usually characterized by its roughness, recast layer and cracks. The experiments were conducted under different setting of pulse on time and arc on time on. It can be concluded that surface roughness, recast layer thickness and density of microcracks increased proportionally with pulse on time and arc on time. Thin recast layer and low crack density in the surface of ASSAB XW-42 tool steel was due to the low thermal conductivity of work piece material.