2018 : Energy Optimum Building Wall From a Mixture of Papercrete and Local Soil in Tropical Humid Area

Prof. Dr. Ir. Vincentius Totok Noerwasito M.T


Paper waste is today's problem in urban areas. It is important to utilize papercrete waste as the raw material of building materials. This research explored the relationship between papercrete wall and the energy produced. The problem of this research was to obtain a simple house wall optimally against overheating and embodied energy. The wall materials used papercrete and local soil. The research location was in Surabaya. The method of wall production was mixing paper and local soil and adhesive ie cement that was compacted and molded. The research variable was walls thickness and the measurement of embodied energy was unit value of embodied energy of material. The value of overheating was obtained by using Archipak simulation program on building simulation model with dimension 6 x 6 m. Energy optimization was carried out on variables. The results revealed wall of papercrete and local soil in …