2015 : The Effect of KOH Activation in Synthesis and Characterization of Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks-8 (ZIF-8) templated Mesoporous Carbon.

Dra. Ratna Ediati MS., Ph.D


ZIF-8 material has been successfully synthesized through a reaction between zinc nitrate hexahydrate with 2-metilimidazol in the dimethylformamide solvent in solvotermal condition. Synthesis process is carried out at 120 C for 24 hours. The results show that the characterization by XRD diffractogram synthesized ZIF-8 has a characteristic peak at 2θ= 7.4; 12.7; 16.5 and 18.0 corresponding to the characteristic peaks of ZIF-8 standard. The results of ZIF-8 templated carbon show the XRD pattern of amorphous carbon material, while the carbon activated KOH show peak K2 CO3 at 2θ= 31.6. FTIR spectra of synthesized ZIF-8 has a absorption peak at 420; 760; 990; 1147 and 1585 cm-1 which is the characteristic absorption peak of ZIF-8 solids. Then ZIF-8 characteristic peaks disappear after activated with KOH. Morphology of the ZIF-8 has plumage regular rectangular in shape, and morphology of the resulting carbon …