2019 : Analysis green gases reduction for employee buses in order to support fossil fuel conversion to electric powered buses in PT. Vale Indonesia Tbk

Dr. Imam Abadi ST., MT


Mining operational activities at PT Vale Indonesia used a lot for heavy equipment such as loader, excavator, dozer, dump truck, employee buses, prime mover for container transport and nickel matte transport, light truck and light vehicle. As company goal to produce 90K Ton nickel all equipment above will be used at maximum operating hours that will cause fuel usage will be increased also. PT Vale Indonesia have commitment to local government as part of company CSR to develop 4 areas in Luwu Timur (Sorowako, Wawondula, Wasuponda and Malili) as part of company employee coverage eligible transported by company bus. Energy reserved from hydro power plan owned by PT Vale Indonesia still adequate to cover additional energy consumption as the result of this energy conversion. This plenty energy reserved as one reason writer proposed energy conversion. Vehicle using electrical motor produce less …