2015 : Local Wisdom in Built Environment in Globalization Era

Ir. Ispurwono Soemarno M.Arch., PhD.
Ir. Purwanita Setijanti M.Sc., Ph.D.


Local wisdom means harmonious relationship between man, nature and the built environment in an area that is also influenced by its culture. The phenomenon of globalization and modernization makes the architecture more universal and creates cultural homogeneity. With globalization, the existence of local knowledge may be questioned, especially in built environment as a result of human culture. Therefore, this study aims to assess the local wisdom in built environment in the era of globalization. Method used in this research is qualitative descriptive method through literature study related to the context of local wisdom. From this research, result showed that local wisdom on the built environment in globalization era, changing with the development of technology and communications. Changes occur in the pattern of space and building elements, but the meaning contained in the building as a form of local wisdom …