2016 : Localization of underwater moving sound source based on time delay estimation using hydrophone array

Ir. Tutug Dhanardono
Dr.Ir. Wirawan DEA
Dr. Dhany Arifianto ST.,M.Eng.


Signal and noise of an underwater moving sound source is used to track the azimuth of a target. Uniform linear array with four hydrophones is used to detect azimuth of target by obtain the time delay information to get azimuth information. Success rate of time delay estimation influenced by characteristics of sound propagation like reflection, reverberation, etc. Experiment in real environment was done to analyze performance of the cross correlation (CC) and generalized cross correlation with the phase transform (PHAT) weighting to estimate time delay between two signal. The simulation done by convolute two signal that has been given time delay and impulse response of the medium test. Then the time delay of two signal estimated by CC and PHAT algorithm in Matlab in the various SNR. Then the algorithm tested in a pool to detect stationary and moving position of sound source. Result of the simulation and …