2019 : Static Photovoltaic Array Partially Shaded Condition With Boost Converter Using Perturb & Observe Algorithm

Dr. Heri Suryoatmojo ST., MT


Photovoltaic is a semiconductor component that can produce electrical energy when exposed to energy from sunlight. Electricity generation using photovoltaics require a maximum power point tracker embedded in a microcontroller to control boost converter. Boost converter is a type of dc-dc converter which functions to increase dc voltage at a certain voltage level and is kept stable. A simulation for a power generation system using photovoltaics is needed to determine the level of system success that will be realized. In this article we discuss the system simulation using PSIM to find out the maximum output power on partially shaded static photovoltaics using Perturb and Observe algorithm at the maximum power point tracker. Testing on this simulation is done for several different resistance loads. Simulation results without using the Peturb and Observe algorithm show that the maximum output power of 12.26 watts …