2013 : Perception and Assessment of Productivity Factors on Construction Projects

Dr Christiono Utomo S.T., M.T.


In Indonesia, the problem of low productivity is evident; people still do not understand the concept of productivity improvement. They do not seem to be aware of the importance of productivity improvement in construction. They consider that productivity problem is only related to labor in the work face who do the real work in construction. Actually, the problem of productivity is laid on the hands of construction management personnel who plan and control all activities on site. Labor are able to be managed, motivated, encouraged to be more productive only if managers are willing to initiate the productivity improvement program. In this study establish 16 factors to identified become the 5 most influential factor on productivity. This study aims to identify the factors that have an effect on worker productivity. By giving questionnaires to foremen and engineers, it will get the facts on the site. One hundred questionnaires were distributed, 94 questionnaires were returned already and get the results as regular remuneration is the highest factor. And then factor affecting productivity is overtime payments, incentive payment, unskilled and inexperienced of labor, and motivation. Furthermore, this study identified perception of engineer and foremen related productivity.