2017 : Determination of priority parameter for classification of poverty using chi-square method and crammer's V correlation

Dr. Ir. Yoyon Kusnendar Suprapto MSc.
Dr. I Ketut Eddy Purnama ST.,M.Kom.


Poverty was a problem that faced by many developing countries, especially Indonesia. One way to resolve the issue of poverty through social assistance provided by the government. Besides that, knowing the factors affecting poverty in the region was also important to determine the strategic plan to reduce poverty in Indonesia. Data mining approach was used to determine the classification model. The classification method using Naïve Bayes algorithm while the process of determining the parameters using Chi-square and Crammer's V correlation. The result of this experiment show that the parameter that has the most relation between the level of poverty was the number of household members (vART), and the smallest correlation was the fuel for cooking (vFUEL). Furthermore, the results of accuracy from Naïve Bayes have been obtained about 61.47% or better 0.54% when compared to the number of initial …