2017 : Implementation of Biological Monitoring Working Party Average Score Per Taxon (BMWP ASPT) on Water’s Quality Analysis in Kalidami Canal Surabaya

Ir. Atiek Moesriati M.Kes.


Kalidami Canal is a special canal made by the Surabaya City Government to intercept and retain falling water. According to the Surabaya District Regulation No. 2 of 2004 the Kalidami Canal is a water area with class III water’s quality for cultivation of freshwater fish, farming and irrigating crops, and/or other purposes which require the same water’s quality as those uses [6]. The large number of settlements and commercial areas around the Kalidami Canal caused the canal’s water being polluted due to the uncontrolled waste disposal to the canal. This causes the quality of water decreases. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the water’s quality of Kalidami Canal. One way of monitoring that can be done is to analyze the quality of canal’s water with biomonitoring methods. The purpose of this study was to identify the Kalidami Canal’s water’s quality based on biological analysis.This study used biological analysis to monitor the Kalidami Canal’s water’s quality. Measurement of physical and chemical parameters can only describe the quality of the environment at particular time meanwhile the biological method can describe the water’s quality in long time. This study used Biological Monitoring Working Party Average Score Per Taxon. The results of this research for the Kalidami canal biological methods based on the tabel of BMWP ASPT method is in class IV for water’s quality.