2015 : Implementation of Regression Linear Method to predict WWTP cost for EIA: case study of ten malls in Surabaya City

Ir. Mohammad Razif MM.


This study aims to implement the linear regression method to generate a linear regression equation that can be used in the study of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) to predict the cost of WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Plant) of the data wastewater flowrate with case study of ten malls in Surabaya city.Some previous researchers have produced data on a linear regression WWTP construction costs and wastewater flowrate.In the EIA study in Indonesia, management and monitoring costs include costs of construction, operation and maintenance costs, and monitoring costs.Therefore, these costs will be calculated for WWTP of malls with unit prices prevailing in Surabaya city. The methodology of the study consists of the calculation of the construction cost, the calculation of operation and maintenance cost, the calculation of monitoring cost, and the process of making a linear regression curve. The result showed …