2017 : Crystal structure and phase transformation of BiFeO3 multiferroics on the temperature variation

Prof. Dr. Suasmoro


In this study, multiferroic of BiFeO 3 was successfully synthesized using solid state methods. The materials was calcined by variation temperature at 800, 840, 860, and 880 C for 4hours in air atmosphere. Structure analysis and phase transformation were carried out using X-ray diffraction. The results show that not only BiFeO 3 phase is formed but also other phases as secondary phases on all variation temperatures. The secondary phases, ie Bi 25 FeO 40 and Bi 2 Fe 4 O 9, have different molar or weight percentage at that variation. BiFeO 3 has a perovskite structure and considering as R3c space group, for all secondary phases consist of cubic structure. The results showed that increasing calcination temperaturedecrease the amount of BiFeO 3 phases and increase the secondary phases. The highest percentage of BiFeO 3 phases (91.69%) is obtained at 800 C.