2018 : AHP-TOPSIS for Analyze Job Performance with Factor Evaluation System and Process Mining

Prof. Drs. Ec. Ir. Riyanarto Sarno M.Sc Ph.D


Job performance is a combination of ability, effort and opportunity that can be judged based on work of employee. This research using Factor Evaluation System method to analyze the job performance because this is one of popular method. FES has nine factor to analyze the employee, but the reality just nine factor is not enough. So we use process mining to improved the FES. Process mining help analysis of job performance becomes more details. In process mining there are event that has history of time stamp, case, activity, and resources of employee. So this method can be used continuously if we add weight for each factor. The weight are get from the Analytic Hierarchy Process-Technique for Order Preference by Similitary to Ideal Solution. The result show that AHP-TOPSIS is not compatible to use in this case when compared with the real work.