2018 : Hydrocarbon removal in oil-contaminated soil using in-vessel composting with yard waste and rumen waste2018 : Hydrocarbon Removal in Oil-Contaminated Soil Using In-Vessel Composting with Yard Waste and Rumen Waste

Prof. Dr. Yulinah Trihadiningrum M.App.Sc
Dr.Ir. Ellina S Pandebesie MT.


This study aimed to determine hydrocarbon removal in oil-contaminated soil using composting with an amendment of yard waste and rumen waste. Hydrocarbon-contaminated soil samples from a public oil-mining field in Wonocolo District, Bojonegoro, Indonesia, were composted with yard waste (Y), rumen waste (R), and mixed YR in varied compositions. Manual agitation was applied every 3 days for air supply and homogenization. The experiment was conducted in two replicates in reactors of 3.5 L capacity for 80 days. Moisture was kept within the range of 50–60%. Measurements of temperature, pH, and moisture content were done every 3 days, whereas total Kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN), nitrite, nitrate, total bacterial count, organic carbon, and hydrocarbon concentration were measured every 20 days. The results showed that the highest hydrocarbon removal efficiency (45.26%) was observed in the reactor containing …