2021 : Fleet Planning of Modern Ambulance Boat: A Case Study of Pangkajene-and-Kepulauan Regency

Dr.Eng. I Gusti Ngurah Sumanta Buana ST,M.Eng.



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Currently, emergency service in the island region of Pangkajene-and-Kepulauan Regency is inadequate because it is only served by 1 (one) unit of ambulance boat, which cannot cover the whole region. Referral hospitals are located in the capital of the regency and in Makassar. Because of this insufficiency, local fishing boat is usually used to carry emergency patient. This patient often does not receive first aid on time as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Therefore, the objective of this Final Project is to plan ambulance boat operational pattern which comply first aid standard time and can carry patient to the nearest referral hospital. Optimization method is used to plan operation pattern by using 2 (two) scenarios: (i) using the existing boat and (ii) using the proposed ambulance boat with optimum main dimensions. Total number of population, determinated by combining available data and satellite imagery, is used to generate the number of emergency call by using binomial distribution and Monte Carlo Simulation. Ambulance base location is obtained by using Set Covering Problem method. Optimization of each scenario gives 4 (four) operation zones, which is served by 1 (one) base. The bases are: Podangpodang Lompo Island with 2 (two) ships, Kondongbali Island, Sapuli Island, and Salebbo Island with each 1 (one) ship. The second scenario is selected because it produces less total cost Present Value than the first scenario. The selected operation pattern is by using the proposed ship with capacity of 13 people (2 patients, 2 family members, and 9 ship crews), Lpp 9.44 m, B 3.31 m, T 0.81m, and service speed 25 knots.