2017 : Organoleptic Test Patisserie Product Based on Consumer Preference

Ir. Srie Subekti MT


The main objective of this research was to produce innovative patisserie product based on consumers' preferences through organoleptic test. This research was conducted in several stages, namely: preparation phase, organoleptic test phase, and nutritional analysis. The making of patisserie product was done by considering the Segmentation of Consumer Behavior (Behavioristic Segmentation). Preparation phase was the making of product formulation. The determination of selected formula was based on experiment and organoleptic test ie hedonic quality test using semi-trained panelists. The next stage was to conduct organoleptic analysis ie hedonic quality organoleptic test to the flavor, serving and packaging of the patisserie product. The last step was to analyze the nutrition of the product. This research was an experimental research conducted at the Culinary Arts Laboratory, involving 14 panelists. In this …