2018 : Improving PEM fuel cell performance using in-line triangular baffles in triple serpentine flow field

Prof. Dr. Ir. Djatmiko Ichsani M.Eng
Fadlilatul Taufany S.T., Ph.D.


Baffles in the Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) fuel cell flow field increase the reactant pressure to gas diffusion layer, enhance reactant mass transfer to the catalyst layer and water discharge under the rib, which in turn improve cell performance. In this study, we perform numerical simulations to investigate triangular baffles configuration in triple serpentine flow fields and compare it with flow field without baffles on cell performance. A 9-layer PEM fuel cell model with 14 cm2 active area is used. Baffles are arranged in line with single row and two rows transversely to the flow direction. Different flowrate is applied for optimization. In addition, the use of reducers in exhaust is also studied. The results show that flow field with baffles configuration can improve power density by 8%, while current density increase 6% when compared to non-baffles flow field.