2017 : Kampung Innovation in Support of Smart City

Dewi Septanti S.Pd, ST, MT, Ph.D
Dr. Arina Hayati S.T., M.T.
Kirami Bararatin ST, MT
Adinda Sih Pinasti Retno Utami S.T., M.T.


In the first year, the result has exposed several characteristics of innovative society that support the development of smart city. Although the kampungs has not been integrated by ICT in all sectors, yet the conventional tactics and innovation have been proven making the kampung more livable, sustainable and supporting the implementation of smart city concept. However, further research need to be conducted to investigate and classify the top-down and bottom-up solutions within in depth investigation, observation and interviews. Those also examine creative collaboration and roles in the kampung society supporting the smart city’s indicators toward livable, efficient and effective living and sustainable environment.\nThis research is based on International Research Cooperation ASEA-UNINET between Department of Architecture, ITS and Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Vienna. In this project architects and anthropologist are collaboratively investigating the living process (social, economic and cultural factors) and architectural aspects (buildings and settlements) in the Kampung settlement in the context of Kampung Innovation and the Smart City Planning and Design topic.\nThe study employs quantitative and qualitative approaches to measure the level of innovation in Surabaya Kampungs including Kampung Maspati that has been included as our investigated case study in the first year. Research tactics are questioners, structured interview techniques, in-depth interviews, sketch, and photography. The data will be analysis quantitatively and qualitatively with triangulation techniques supported by literature reviews and other seconder data. \nThe result is expected to locate the local innovations focused on on community participation in relation to smart economy and smart environment. Moreover, the research contribution is to propose several references of innovation society that support the implementation of Smart City Planning and Design.\n