2017 : Kinetics study of carbon dioxide absorption reaction into the promoted methyldiethanolamine solution

Prof.Ir. Ali Altway M.Sc
Dr. Yeni Rahmawati ST. MT
Siti Nurkhamidah S.T., M.S, Ph.D


The absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) is important in the industrial world. In industries, especially petrochemical, oil, and natural gas sectors, separation process of CO2 gas which is a corrosive gas (acid gas) is required. So, the separation process of CO2 gas stream is important, one of the methods used to remove CO2 from the gas stream is reactive absorption process using the promoted methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) solution. Therefore, this study is aimed to obtain the reaction kinetics data of CO2 absorption in MDEA solution using arginine as a promoter. Arginine was chosen because of its amino acid molecule which is reactive, so it can accelerate the reaction rate of MDEA. Moreover, this study also made a comparison between the reactivity of MDEA solution using arginine and MDEA solution using other promoters (glycine and piperazine) for CO2 absorption. The method used is absorption using …