2015 : Conformity of House Physical Condition and Socio-Economic Mobility in Post Disaster Resettlement

Prof.Ir. Happy Ratna Sumartinah M.Sc, Ph.D
Prof. Dr. Ir. Vincentius Totok Noerwasito M.T


Mudflow disaster damage job opportunity, disrupt social life and settlement, thus requiring resettlement. Need to understand whether physical condition of resettlement is in accordance with background and housing preference of victim, due to significant differences of housing design. Aspects studied were characteristic of resettlement, physical condition of house and socio-economic mobility. Research was done using qualitative method. Technique of data collection was used retrospective interviews and observation. This research result indicates that most participants experienced conformity in house physical condition and socioeconomic mobility. Reason of unconformity condition is housing facility which has not meet housing standard.