2019 : A Preliminary Study on the Thermo-optics Characteristics of Chromium Ferrite Ferrofluids

Sigit Tri Wicaksono S.Si., M.Si., Ph.D.


In this paper, we report the experimental observation of temperature influence on optical properties of ferrofluids comprising of chromium ferrite nanoparticles by a 1 mW He-Ne laser beam. An external thermal field was maintained perpendicular to the beam. In this research, the thermal response of chromium ferrite ferrofluids prepared by coprecipitation-sonochemical technique was studied. The preliminary investigation showed that the chromium ferrite ferrofluids have an excellent property as a candidate for a temperature sensor application showing a good response on the temperature treatment. Interestingly, we found a hysteresis phenomenon in one cycle in transmission light originating by varying temperature.