2012 : Optimization on the performance of crude distillation unit (CDU)

Prof.Ir. Renanto M.Sc Ph.D



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The aim of this research is to get the optimum operating condition of crude distillation unit in order to get the highest profit for the crude oil refinery industry. Feed's specification data are taken from an Indonesian crude oil refinery. Simulation was done by using Aspen Plus (Aspen Technology, Inc, Burlington, MA, USA). The design variable for this research is the temperature of preflash column furnace. Optimization was done by considering the maximum profit. Based on the result in part one, where intermediate and light cold test molar flowrates and the quality of heavy naphtha in the 95% liquid volume ASTM D86 at 415 K and light kerosene distillate in the 95% liquid volume ASTM D86 at 469 K are held constant, the optimum condition is found at the furnace preflash temperature of 572 K with a profit of US$ 9.62 per m3 crude oil. While in part two, where heavy naphtha and light kerosene distillate molar …