2015 : Lightweight Geopolymer Binder Base on Sidoarjo Mud

Prof.Dr.Ir. Triwulan DEA


Article PreviewArticle PreviewSidoarjo mud has been a disaster for society and government of Indonesia, but this material contains of SiO 2, Al 2 O 3 and Fe 2 O 3 so that significantly to be expected as a potential pozzolanic material. It would be very useful to take the advantages of the material. Moreover, lightweight concrete is widely applied especially at high-rise buildings in order to reduce the risk of earthquake. In general lightweight concrete is made with less Portland Cement associated with lime and pozzolanic materials as a binder. In this paper, calcined-Sidoarjo mud was introduced as pozzolanic material to create geopolymer paste. Geopolymer binders were made with a mixture of calcined-Sidoarjo mud, fly ash and alkaline activator. The specimens were then mixed with a commercial chemical foamed agent to get lightweight geopolymer binders. The results showed that the mixing with the ratio of fly ash …