2017 : Analysis of Horizontal Accuracy for Large Scale Rural Mapping Using Rotary Wing UAV Image

Prof. Dr. Ir. Bangun Muljo Sukojo DEA.DESS
Husnul Hidayat S.T., M.T.


In order to fulfil the need of large scale map for rural mapping, Indonesian government is now looking for alternatives of geospatial data sources. With newly developed technology, nowadays rotary wing UAV can be used to acquire very high resolution aerial imagery quickly with low cost. This research assesses the horizontal accuracy of rural mapping in 1: 2000 scale using orthophoto derived from rotary wing UAV image data. The test site of this research is Kebonwaris village, Pandaan, East Java which has an area of approximately 167 hectares. Image data was taken with approximately 80% overlap each other and processed using Structure from Motion approach. Twelve GCPs coordinates were measured using differential GPS observations for georeferencing purpose. For accuracy assessment, 22 test points were established and their coordinates were measured using static differential GPS observations. The …